Sunday, July 8, 2012

Online learning math by Heymath

Online learning math by Heymath
With animated and interactive lessons plans, learning and teaching math no more horrible for student and parents, HeyMath makes easy and enjoyable for student. HeyMath is learning resources and online course to improve math skills including math worksheets, math games, math tests and math revisions.

HeyMath also good website for educator to recycle, remix and renew their resources of math questions bank.
How HeyMath works:

HeyMath lessons program in school.

Whenever teacher online, selects a lesson to explain a math concept then use demos the lesson in class using projector or whiteboard. Then student can access the lesson from home, reinforces what they have learned in the class, so the reports from students help teacher track and monitor progress student.

HeyMath lessons program at home.

Student select according grade level; from elementary, middle or high. Then student has to access curriculum for after-school study and revision, easy, real-life, animation and visual example can dispel the fear of math. The result can improve student motivation, leading to better results of math.

For demo you can open HeyMath.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

E-Learning and Study in Ontario Canada

E-Learning and Study in Ontario Canada

Looking for best education around the world for your future career, maybe Canada is your choice. Canadian’s place great importance on learning, and have developed one of the world’s finest education systems with high standards.

More than 90,000 students come to study in Canada every year in different subjects.  If you are interested to study in Canada, and learn new experience you can get some information about universities, colleges, career colleges, secondary and elementary schools in Ontario ministry of training, colleges and universities website.

Ontario is one of the important province in Canada. Ontario connection to international business and cultural makes it a magnet for students from all over the world. And in return, Ontario welcomes international students because of the diverse perspectives they bring to their institutions of higher learning.

By exploring Ontario ministry of training, colleges and universities website, you will get many information about eligibility, visas and permits,  choosing a school and timelines, fees, life in Ontario, life after graduation, working and financial support, and many other important information including e-learning program from different universities and colleges in Canada and e-learning on-line Ontario course.