Friday, August 24, 2012

E-learning of Human Anatomy and Physiology

E-learning of Human Anatomy and Physiology

For Medical, Health allied, Nursing student who want to study more deeply and clearly about human anatomy and physiology, we can attend e-learning class by watching integrative lectures from different organ body systems by Professor Marian Diamond form University of California Berkeley.

Thanks for watching the programs.

Lecture 1 about organization of body
Lecture 2 about skeletal system part 1
Lecture 3 about skeletal system part 2
Lecture 4 about skeletal system part 3
Lecture 5 about skeletal system part 4
Lecture 6 about skeletal system part 5
Lecture 7 about skeletal system part 6
Lecture 8 about skeletal system part 7

Lecture 9 about muscular system part 1
Lecture 10 about muscular system part 2
Lecture 11 about muscular system part 3
Lecture 12 about hematology part 1

Lecture 13 about hematology part 2
Lecture 14 about hematology part 3
Lecture 15 about cardiology
Lecture 16 about blood vascular system part 1

Lecture 17 about blood vascular system part2
Lecture 18 about lymphatic system
Lecture 19 about respiratory system part 1
Lecture 20 about review
Lecture 21 about respiratory system part 2
Lecture 22 about neuro hystology part 1
Lecture 23 about neuro hystology part 2
Lecture 24 about development of neuro system

Lecture 25 about spinal cord and nerves
Lecture 26 about peripheral nerves
Lecture 27 about sensory and motor pathways
Lecture 28 about motor pathways and forebrain
Lecture 29 about forebrain
Lecture 30 about eye
Lecture 31 about review
Lecture 32 about digestive system part 1

Lecture 33 about digestive system part 2
Lecture 34 about digestive, urinary system
Lecture 35 about urinary system
Lecture 36 about endocrine system
Lecture 37 about endocrine, female reproductive system
Lecture 38 about female reproductive system
Lecture 39 about male reproductive system

Thursday, August 23, 2012

E-learning by online free IELTS tests

E-learning by online free IELTS tests

To proof your English language ability and to find out how much your score in English language skill, you
Can try to take the challenge in free IELTS practice tests.
The IELTS (International English Language Training System) is the standardized test that citizenship or immigration in English spoken countries recognizes as proof of English language ability for immigration, work and study purposes.
By practicing this IELTS test, Canadavisa has 8 free IELTS tests, you will know a good sense of what the IELTS test will be like.

IELTS Band Score
To receive the maximum number of English language ability you must obtain overall band score of 7.5 or higher in the listening and a 6.5 or higher in the other three components.
Try and good luck. So you will fell confident and have idea when you take the test. by Click Canadavisa IELTS tests.


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

E-learning by study online program

You can upgrade your qualification and pursue  higher education while continue working by online degree program, e-learning program and study online program. Get all benefits from online education.

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