Thursday, December 11, 2008

Nursing theories

Nursing theories

A) Example of grand theories

  1. Faye G. Abdullah : Patient-Center Approaches to nursing
  2. Virginia Henderson: The principles and practice of nursing
  3. Dorothea E. Orem: The self-care deficit nursing theory.
  4. Dorothy Johnson: The behavioral system model.
  5. Betty Neuman: The Neuman system model
  6. Imogen king: Kings systems framework and theory of goal attainment
  7. Myra E. Levins: The conservation model
  8. Sister Callista Roy: The Roy adaptation model
  9. Jean Watson: Nursing-Human science and Human caring
  10. Martha Rogers: The Science of Unitary and irreducible human being.
  11. Margerate Newman: Heath as expanding consciousness
  12. Rosemarie Parse: The theory of human being

B) Example of borrowed theories

Theories from sociology

2. General system theory

3. Role theory

4. Feminist theory

5. Critical social theory

6. Theories from behavioral science

7. Psychoanalytic theory

8. Interpersonal theory

9. Operant conditioning

10. Human needs theory

11. Person-centered theory

12. Stress, coping, adaptation theory

Theories from medical sciences

  1. Germ theory and principles of infection
  2. Homoeostasis
  3. Theories of immunity and immune infection
  4. Genetic principles and theories
Pain management: Gate control theory

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